Anne Hopton-Jones, President

Anne Hopton-Jones is a proud third generation Auburn graduate who originally hails from Birmingham. Her grandfathers both graduated from Auburn and passed down a deep devotion to the university and its programs.  Anne’s first genuine memory of discovering her personal love for Auburn was during the 1989 Iron Bowl.  She was six years old and vividly recalls watching “30-20” flash across the television screen as Pat Dye began to cry. While Anne had very little understanding of that particular Iron Bowl’s significance at the time, she was joyfully crying right along with Coach Dye.  After graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Anne eagerly moved to Houston, Texas. In November 2016, she accepted a position as the Associate Director of Employer Development and Relations at the University of Houston. Anne lives in The Heights and has an adorable Boston Terrier named Bogie. She cherishes her Adopted Texan status.